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Waste Heat Recovery Boilers

Design and Manufacture

  • Solid / liquid / gas and biogas fuel options

  • High efficiency, low thermal losses

  • Perfect design for optimal heat transfer and flue gas pressure drop

  • Single and multi pass design

  • Natural or forced circulation

  • Superheated steam production possible

  • NDT controls and hydrostatic testings

  • Waste heat boilers for hot water, Steam, Superheated steam, Thermal oil and hot air production

  • Smoketube and watertube constructions

  • Custom designed solutions according to waste heat and site conditions

  • High efficient heat production with supplementary firing

  • Combined systems operating with exhaust gases and register burner

  • Packaged cogeneration units in containerized system


  • Body shell, drum and tube plates:
    EN 10028 / 2 - P265 GH, P295 GH, P355 GH Boiler steel

  • Smoketubes and watertubes:
    EN 10216 / 2 - P235 GH Seamless boiler tube

  • Insulation:
    100 mm rockwool with AISI430 or aluminium plate outer casing

What is Produced With

Application Fields

  • Electric Energy With ORC Cycle

  •  Proses Steam

  • Hot Water

  • Thermal Oil

  • Hot Air

  • Cooling with Absorbtion Chiller

  • Cogeneration and Trigeneration

  • Oven Stacks

  • Marine Engine Stacks

  • Cement Mills

  • Steel Industry

  • Petrochemical Industry

  • Biogas Plants

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