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Our Environment Policy

  • Enerkon, which prioritizes the environment and human health in its projects and investment programs, has adopted as a policy the provision of effective Environmental Safety for a sustainable life and the continuous improvement of Environmental Performance Criteria in all its activities.

  • Enerkon evaluates the interaction with the environment from the design, production and delivery of all its services and products to the customer, accepts and applies the following methods in order to minimize the negative effects it may cause on the environment:

  • Using natural resources and all kinds of energy resources in the most efficient and economical way, reducing natural resource consumption with water management and energy management programs,

  • Reducing the use of raw materials by using appropriate technologies that do not harm the environment and / or cause the least harm, within the framework of technical and economic possibilities,

  • In order to prevent environmental pollution, to reduce and/or reuse the wastes that may occur as a result of our activities, to prevent wastes at the source and/or to collect them separately at the source, to make use of recycling and reuse opportunities at the highest level,

  • To comply with all applicable environmental legislation and administrative regulations,

  • Reducing possible environmental risks to the most reasonable level possible, determining environmental problems and implementing necessary measures,

  • To work towards the continuous improvement of our environmental performance,

  • To raise awareness of all our employees about our responsibilities to the environment and to ensure their participation in environmental improvement,

  • Ensuring its effectiveness by establishing an environmental monitoring program and a continuous review and audit program in our fields of activity within the scope of environmental management,

  • Establishment of decision mechanisms to prevent the occurrence of environmental events and accidents that may occur in our fields of activity within the scope of environmental risk assessment studies, integrating corrective and preventive measures into emergency response plans.

  • Following the recording and evaluation of the suggestions of our employees, contractors and other stakeholders regarding the environment, the implementation of suggestions that will contribute positively to environmental performance,

  • Ensuring that environmental risks are taken into account and managed when planning changes and/or new investments to be made in existing investments,

  • By setting new goals and targets every year, we plan new environmental targets related to environmental issues and the actions that will enable them to achieve these targets., thewe promise.

Enerkon Mühendislik Çevre Politikası
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Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • Creating healthy and safe working conditions to prevent occupational accidents and diseases that may arise due to the profession,

  • Compliance with legal requirements,

  • Providing OHS training to all employees,

  • Making improvements continuous,

  • Establishing a system for setting goals and overseeing those goals,

  • Establishing a communication channel where employees can get information about OHS,

  • Checking processes at periodic intervals,

  • Continually improving OHS performance.

Enerkon Mühendislik İSG Politikası
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Our Quality Policy

  • Our main goal is to be an indispensable brand that provides added value to all the sectors we serve by analyzing the dynamics of the age and sectoral needs, and constantly renewing and developing ourselves.

  • While contributing to the economy of investors with the facilities we have established, it is our basic strategy to leave a cleaner and more livable world to future generations.

  • We continue to grow by constantly improving our quality system and achieving our goals that support our strategic goals. We monitor our management system with the most effective methods and continuously improve it with the contributions of our employees.

  • We ensure the satisfaction of all our stakeholders by prioritizing the quality of our products and services, legal and regulatory requirements, occupational health and safety, our responsibility to the environment, ethical management approach, and meeting their needs and expectations.

  • Working to be sustainable is our duty.

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Efficient Industrial Facilities

​As Enerkon, we serve as a company that ensures the formation of efficient industrial facilities. Whether you want to build a new facility or optimize your existing facility, we are here to provide you with the highest quality and innovative solutions.

Our company is known for its commitment to energy efficiency, sustainability, and renewable energy sources. Our expert engineers and technical staff analyze the energy needs and operating requirements of your industrial facilities and offer you tailor-made solutions.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We conduct our business with honesty, transparency, and respect. That's why we take the time to fully understand our client's needs and ensure we stay in touch at every stage of the project.

At Enerkon, we do our best to ensure that our customers have efficient, reliable, and sustainable facilities. By working with us, you can increase the productivity of your industrial plants and achieve significant long-term savings on your energy costs.

Enerkon Mühendislik Verimli Endüstriyel Tesisler
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Solar Energy Power Plant

We get powered by renewable energy. We supply our electricity from renewable energy sources with our 250 KW solar power plant.

We aim for carbon-neutral production.

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