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Design and Manufacture

  • Engineering according to different application areas (steam/air/exhaust gas)

  • Perfect design for optimum sound attenuation and minimum steam/air/exhaust gas pressure drop

  • Straight-through or critical-type options

  • Spark arresting option available

  • Designed according to heavy operating conditions

  • Easy installation

  • Requires no maintenance due to having no moving part

  • Completely welded and manufactured by certified welders

  • Stainless and carbon steel types are available

Optional Accesories


  • Explosion relief cover

  • Flexible connectors

  • Cleanout openings

  • Horizontal or vertical support

  • High-temperature resistant paint

  • Stainless steel construction: 304, 316, 321

  • Complete range of exhaust accessories

  • Inner Perforated Shell: AISI 304, AISI 316L

  • Outer Shell: S235JR, P355GH, AISI 304, AISI 316L

  • Flanges: S235JR, AISI304, AISI 316L

  • Insulation Material: Different density rockwool or ceramic wool according to calculations

ENERKON provides custom or standard engine silencers that yield excellent sound attenuation. ENERKON Silencers are heavy-duty, fully welded units constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel sheet and plate. Each silencer is equipped with flanged connections drilled to match DIN specifications. Exterior surfaces receive a coat of heat-resistant paint. In some special cases, side inlets may be designed on application. Due to low back pressure requirements, no side inlet configuration is cataloged.

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