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Thermal Oil Boiler

Design and Manufacture

  • Solid / liquid / gas and biogas fuel options

  • High efficiency, low thermal losses

  • Perfect design for optimal heat transfer and oil/flue gas pressure drop

  • Low NOx formation with 3-pass design and large combustion chamber

  • NDT controls and hydrostatic testings

  • Delivery with all auxiliary equipment (Optional)

  • Capacities up to 10.000.000 kcal/h and o Temperatures up to 320 C at Atmospheric Pressure

  • Thermal oil systems solutions based on electrical heating

  • CE certifications in accordance with EN 12952 and 2014/68/EU

  •  System design in accordance with DIN 4754

Advantages Of Thermal Oil System


  • Levated temperatures at atmospheric pressure.

  • No consumption of heat transfer fluid and chemicals.

  • No corrosion risk due to heat transfer fluid.

  • No risk of freezing in the winter.

  • Reach operating conditions in a short time.

  • Body shell: EN 10028 / 2 - P265 GH Boiler steel

  • Coil tubes: EN 10216 / 2 - P235 GH Seamless boiler tube

  • Insulation: 100 mm rock wool with AISI430 or aluminum plate outer casing

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